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"What drives her to create is the excitement of unveiling new colors on a musical canvas -- painting what hasn’t been painted"

Underlying any great success or accomplishment, is a story of  perseverance; an unyielding drive and persistence in doing something, despite difficulties or delay in achieving success. This sentiment rings true for Shazarré. In fact, for her, the value of music is much more complex than an organized sound. As a Haitian descent, growing up she had the fortune of being exposed to many different sounds and ideas, which she brilliantly incorporates in her music.

Shazarré’s music is remarkably powerful, in that it captures the essence of femininity in an assertive way, which is what makes her relatable to both males and females. To put her music into a ‘box’ would be a disservice, though the Haitian princess’ music can be defined as a blend of high-octane trap beats with a splash of soul and R&B.

Thematically, her music is riddled with juxtapositions, giving perspective to a different side, of a common story. After all,what drives her to create is the excitement of unveiling new colors on a musical canvas-- painting what hasn't been painted. Furthermore, as a polyglot who speaks 3 languages (English, Creole and French), Shazarré’s propensity for communication across borders translates to her music. She also, (interestingly) partook in independent studies for 4 years, instead of taking the traditional route of schooling.

No stranger to music-making, Shazarré has been recording since she was 16, writing since she was 8, and singing since she was 5. She attributes a lot of her success and inspiration to her mother, who was also a singer, writer and arranger. 

Shazarré is gearing up to finally release the fruits of her labor: a single titled ‘Sweet Love’ which is set to drop on August 1st 2019. This will be followed up with 2 more singles in September. So if you’re into sultry smooth vocals and bars, pay close attention to Shazarré as she flexes her pen to paper.



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